28 May 2009

Podcast 113 Up

The newest show has been uploaded to our host servers, but we're still having problems with the RSS and iTunes.

113 - One Week Before E3 [download]


14 May 2009

You have stumbled onto my secret. Now you will die!

You are not supposed to be looking at this.


04 April 2008

New Location

Hey guys, we haven't really moved but we changed to a different blogspot account because this one still reflects our old title. So from now on, our posts will be at www.4playerpodcast.blogspot.com. Keep in mind that this only applies to people who still search for us at our eastvswest blogspot account. You can still type in www.4playerpodcast.com to go to our current Blog. LINK IS BELOW.


Thanks guys,

03 April 2008

1:20 FTW

Saw this on Kotaku btw.


Well moron... good for Happy GilmoOH MY GOD!!

Taki can not be "contained"

But seriously? Does the game look slower to anyone else? I hope this is just an early build...


This was a Triumph

Wayback Wednesday was a huge success.
For the first time in about 3 months I beat a game first of all.
Second of all, it was Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Got a couple of problems with this damn Hedgehog though. One, Don't ever freeze on me like that again. Two, learn to walk up hills. 3, slap your dumbass friend in the face for me. He gets annoying real fast. When he isn't busy falling behind, he is either getting in my face or dieing.

So what i think about Sonic 2 sixteen years after its launch?
Typical. I don't remember much about the game (Especially not level select) But never before did i realize how simple the game actual is once you get the patterns down for the bosses. The last boss, which took me a frustrating hour full of screaming, was easy as pie ONCE you new what to do.
This causes a couple of problems for me.
one, it is basically impossible to go into a boss without dieing your first time because the boss is not based on skill. its based on jumping hysterically trying to figure out what the boss is doing.
It's two or three... or fifty times into it that you begin to understand its pattern, and then take advantage of it. Now i know why i could never beat it as a kid, and i know why its aimed at kids. You can't beat that as a kid, you just run in every time and hope for the best, not knowing the "complexities" that lay hidden.
but as a big boy now, i can and will take advantage of robotnik.

Had a great time, glad all 140 some odd people showed up.
Next week, Golden Axe and Star fox

P.S. Sorry I shrunk the list down to two. But i want to make significant damage into each game. when i am with yall i have a lot more motivation to beat a game than normal. so i will get much farther. God knows i would of put down sonic fast if it wasnt for the fans. So because i am shortening these games, i will be getting pretty damn far in them.

P.S.S. I think i need a partner for Golden Axe. anyone?


02 April 2008

More Fan Art!!

Hey guys, this is really awesome. So aside from the fact that some of you have already flocked to our new Forum, some of you have been nice enough to draw up some fan art and send it to us. It really is great to see what you guys come up with and we obviously appreciate this extra effort on your part. So without further delay, check out this awesome piece of fan art from "Sax"!

If you haven't already, head over to our forum and register so you can chat with us and other viewers about Video Games, our Podcast, our JTV exploits, or anything else you feel like!

Thanks again!


It starts

Wayback is starting as we speak. Change of plans.
We have Sonic the Hedgehog two, Vagrant Story, and Battletoads.

Come on in and enjoy reminiscing in lost childhood memories.... or adolescent memories.


Join Our Forum

So we finally have a forum up that I think we are going to stick with. You can register anytime and start new threads about video game or entertainment related topics or reply to other discussions that have been started. We also have a section for you to comment on our podcast and offer suggestions for ways to improve and so forth. You will also notice that I made a thread in "Podcast Discussion" that will allow you to leave your video game related questions and discussion topics that you want to hear us discuss on the show. I have toyed around with different ways of doing this and would like to see if this works. If it does work out, I will make a new thread for every new podcast where you can leave questions and such. Anyways, thanks to everyone who has already joined and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. You can find the forum and register by clicking on "Forum" in the menu to the right.


01 April 2008

Brad's Pick of the Week #1

This new feature is basically me highlighting games in my collection that I feel have been underrated by critics or underplayed by the players. Though most of these games are of past console generations, pretty much all are still worth playing if you happened to miss them.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

I've been playing this game over the past week and probably got more "What game is this??" than anything else I have ever shown live. This game is a very brutal shooter infused with pure America. The heroes in this game are police officers, ambulance drivers, and firemen, but the star of the game is Nick(Brad) Mason of T-Zero. The villains are of course bloody masked activists... aka enemies of America. Nick Masons job is to grab his riot shield and bust some hippy heads in.

The combat has a nice kinetic feel to it and whether you blast someone with your shotgun or slam an enemy with your riot shield... it just feels right. The missions are standard fare but the game keeps from getting stale with its hostage situations, rescue events, and gang leader arrests. Being able to direct a pure American fireman around a backdraft filled environment is just cool. Also the game has some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game in the cutscenes before each mission. The news reporter just looks so realistic.

Anyways, here are some clips of me in action:

This game costs like nothing. Get it now. For AMERICA!